Pricing applies for Junior/Senior/Master Stylist

​Women's Services

​Haircut 25/30/35

Split Ends Trim 20/22/24

​Child Haircut 10/12/14

​Shampoo, Blow-dry 18/22/25

​Shampoo, Blow-dry, Iron Finish 25/30/35

​Olaplex Treatment 25

​Olaplex Treatment w/ Take Home Regimen 50

​Chemical Services

​Single Color/Base Color 45+/50+/55+

​Balayage Partial 80+/90+/100+

​Balayage Full 130+/140+/150+

​Double Color 75+/80+/95+

​Double Color Partial w/base 100+/110+/125+

​Double Color Full w/base 125+/135+/150+

Partial Highlight 55+/60+/65+

​Full Highlight 70+/75+/85+

​Lightener Re-touch 55+/60+/65+

Lightener Solid 75+/80+/85+

​Vivid Color 65+/75+/85+

​Vivid Single Foil 15/17/20

Pre-Lighten Foil 15/15/15

​Lash/Brow Tint 10/10/15

​Toner 15/17/20

Perm 50/55/60

Spiral Perm 80/85/90

​Smoothing System 100+/125+/150+ upon consult

Men's Services

​Men's Haircut 15/17/20

Color 32/37/42

​Conditioning Treatment 15/15/20

Nail Services

Manicure 25

Pedicure 35

Luxury Manicure 35

Luxury Pedicure 45

​Signature Manicure 45

Signature Pedicure 65

Gel Manicure 35

Gel Pedicure 45

Hot Stone Manicure 55

​Hot Stone Pedicure 75

Collagen Treatments

Eye Treatment 20

Lip Treatment 25

​Neck Treatment 35

​Full Face Treatment 50

Waxing Services

Eyebrow, Lip or Chin 8/10/12

​Full Facial 22/24/26

​Half Arm 15/17/20 each

​Full Arm 25/27/30

Underarm 15 each

​​At Hairendipity Salon, we strive to make your wedding day everything that you want it to be. Our professional stylist's are trained to accommodate all of your beauty needs. We are here to ensure a flawless wedding day. We guarantee you will love the way you look on your special day. We use the best products in the industry. Our make-up application is executed with precision. We customize your look from your hair color to your nails. We are excited to share your day with you! Abundant blessings to the Happy Couple from Hairendipity Salon.

​Bridal Services

​Special Occasion 55/60/65

​Bridal Style 60/65/70

​Bridal Style & Trial 115/120/125

Bridesmaid Style 40+/45+/50+

Junior Bridesmaid Style 30+/35+/40+

​Bridal Make-Up 85/90/95

​Bridal Make-Up Trial 65/70/75

​Bridesmaid Make-Up 65/70/75

Temporary Lashes 15

​Chip-Free Manicure 35

​Chip-Free Pedicure 45

Product Charges may be applied to services marked (+).

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All of our Color and Haircut services come with a Complimentary Deep Nourishing Treatment and Scalp Massage



100% No-Risk Guarantee

As the owner, we want our clients to be super-pleased - in fact, absolutely delighted - with everything we do. So all of our services come with our ironclad, risk-free guarantee. What does that mean? Simply this: If you aren't happy with our work within the first 7 days, we'll do it over for free. If you're still not thrilled you can have your money back.